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Fat Loss and Fitness

Products to help you meet your weight loss and overall conditioning goals.


Lose Your Man Boobs
Getting rid of man boobs can be a struggle for some men, but among all the options with the least risk is to use natural methods. Lose Your Man Boobs System teaches you all about how your body reacts to certain foods and exercises, and provides a natural way you can eliminate your man boobs safely.

This is one impressive package that's getting results - one-time membership payment, instruction manual, MP3 audios and much more.


No-Nonsense Muscle Building System

Reviewing Vince's program was refreshing because it is readily apparent that it matters to him to.
Vince isn't out to make a quick buck, he is out to make bigger and better physiques. No Nonsense Muscle Building is a complete plan for massive muscle gain. It is solid in every sense of the word.

Vince's experience transforming himself from the "skinny guy" to the fitness model champion provides the perfect plan for motivated trainers to model.

Having reviewed more then 30 muscle building programs geared towards the hard-gainer, I can tell you that the products some people are selling as "secrets" or "revolutionary" are absolute jokes.
I take my recommendations seriously. Fewer than 10% I look at get my highest rating. No Nonsense gets that rating!

Vince's experience, knowledge and passion have allowed him to create a truly valuable tool for the skinny guy who is ready for a big change..."

JP Clifford
#1 Online Muscle Building Program Reviewer


Truth About 6-Pack Abs

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer


Some of strategies in Truth About 6-Pack Abs deal with nutrition aspects and others deal with training techniques, but I was impressed to see that Mike has put together one of the most comprehensive resources for dealing with all of the aspects necessary to finally get rid of that nasty belly fat for good.

Mike has researched this topic extensively, including an entire course he's taken comparing different modalities of cardiovascular exercise. After all of this research, he's come to the conclusion that the majority of people out there are not doing the right types of cardio exercise. In fact, most people may actually be inadvertently decreasing their metabolic rate by doing too much of the wrong types of cardio!

He reveals exactly why most low-carb or low-fat diets are actually working against what your body needs to become lean and ripped and maintain it for life! Mike shows you exactly how to stop falling for the gimmick diets and finally develop a truly healthy eating style that you can actually enjoy for life without being overly restrictive. It's actually easier and more enjoyable than you believe!

Go to Mike's Truth about Six Pack Abs site today and discover the exact system that Mike is using to help thousands of his clients from all over the world get leaner than they've ever been before. This system will help you to lose that stubborn stomach fat that has plagued you for years, so you can finally get that sexy six pack that you've always wanted.



Turbulence Training

Learn from all-round expert, Craig Ballantyne, how to exercise for best results at home without any equipment.

Craig is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who writes for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines.

His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week.

His Turbulence Training workouts will help you to burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment


Burn Fat, Lose Weight With The Quick Start Energy Program

Fitness Celebrity and Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Life Coach Victoria Johnson once about 50 lbs. overweight, struggled to find a solution.

Following her successful weight reduction, she produced “The Quick Start Energy Program” to offer insight to others into how nutrition and the body interact. How we eat, what we eat, and when we eat all contribute to whether we gain weight or not, and whether our bodies work efficiently.





Burn Fat, Lose Weight With The Quick Start Energy Program

Fitness Celebrity and Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Life Coach Victoria Johnson was 5’3” and 170+ lbs. when she got her “wake up call”.

Because of her profession as an aerobics instructor, fitness expert and dance teacher she was shocked one day to learn of her dangerous overweight condition. Her doctor told her that she must take immediate action to rectify it or suffer the alternative: a lifetime of insulin injections.

Her first approaches to losing the weight and regaining her health were not successful, but her continuing research eventually led her to the information that worked for her.

She produced “The Quick Start Energy Program” to offer insight into how nutrition and the body interact. How we eat, what we eat, and when we eat all contribute to whether we gain weight or not, and whether our bodies work efficiently.

Victoria states right up front that she’s not a scientist, a nutritionist or medical professional. She’s a person who struggled with being overweight and all its effects – both mentally and physically. After trying various ways to lose weight, she conducted extensive research and learned exactly what she needed to do to succeed in reaching her weight and conditioning goals.

Right away, you know who she is and that she isn’t pretending to have all the knowledge. She doesn’t pass herself off as a professional nutritionist as others might do just to sell a product. By her tone and openness, you can tell Victoria has been there and sincerely wants to share her findings with others who are struggling to lose weight and get healthy.

Overall, the program seems to hit all the right marks. It looks at the entire body and how it handles foods given it. Although there are some minor points that she doesn’t elaborate on, the majority of the information is valid.

For one, she explains the need for daily exercise but she doesn’t give you the actual exercises, which I think might help the reader. Although I do understand that her program focuses mainly on nutrition.

Another point is her mention of cholesterol. She doesn’t identify good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in her numbers; rather, she provides just one cholesterol count to watch. It’s important for you to know that the goal is to raise the good cholesterol while lowering the bad. Although she missed this point, she does a very thorough job of detailing the ins and outs of the body’s overall reaction to the food we feed it.

She begins with an introduction to nutrition and the importance of making changes to enjoy a better life – to have more energy, less physical ailments and less mood changes, be less stressed and anxious, and have a more positive outlook.

An important point made is the need to let go of the habits that are holding you back, replace old negative influences and memories with new positive ones.

As an extension of this, she explains how to prepare for the “new you” – from the inside out – starting with your habits, thoughts and surroundings.

Victoria advises you on how to prepare for the questions that will come your way from friends, family and co-workers about your new goals and changes you make to your life. This is very important because they will help support you in your endeavor.

She then shifts to the fattening aspects of foods and being overweight.  She makes the connection between fat and energy and teaches you how to use the energy stored as fat to reach your goals.

Her tips include how to remove excess fat, extra rolls, cellulite, dimply fat and overall obesity by combining the right foods with effective exercises.

Interesting is the knowledge she imparts about “what to eat, when to eat and how to put it all together” – a formula she has devised to escalate your metabolism and burn fat.

This is actually a “Diet Program” but it’s put together in such a way that the entire family can benefit from it.

It’s not an elaborate process of weighing your food, cooking certain recipes or taking supplements and other pills. It’s not about depriving yourself so that you constantly crave the foods that make you fat and unhealthy.

This program is about simply learning to eat properly, simply and nutritiously to “sustain a healthy biological and metabolic system”.

She sums it up with this statement: “The true power of nutrition lies in the hormonal response created by the foods we eat.”

Her message is that understanding this connection and knowing how to adapt our menus to achieve a healthy body is all important to success. Incorrect body chemistry caused by making unhealthy food choices results in low concentration, lack of energy and little motivation.

It’s easy to understand and apply, but be prepared for a little biology lesson!

The key: “Eat the right food at the right time in the right combinations” and she shows you exactly how to do that. The good thing about this program is it’s promise: “You don’t starve, there

are no expensive foods to buy, the diet fits into your life-style easily and the menus are made up of the foods you love and probably already eat.”

The package includes the main Quick Start Energy Program manual, two 30-minute Quick Start audios, and several bonuses including a Performance Planner and an audio series on cellulite solutions.

I particularly like the audios in this package. They demonstrate her sense of humor and sincerity. Her delivery makes listening and learning how to lose weight a true pleasure. These audios are not just a ‘reading’ of what’s in the book, like many other audio and e-book packages I’ve seen. These audios include additional information and elaborate on some important points made in the book.

In my view, the material in this Quick Start Energy Program gives you the information you need to be able to make the right nutritional choices. There’s no ‘guilt’ here – just honest, straightforward facts. I like that.

Get more information on the Quick Start Energy Program


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