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Ancient Deposits
Find Valuable Ancient
Alluvial Gold

Stan Grist takes you through what you need to know to find valuables through
gold prospecting

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Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System
Learn gold prospecting from a professional

Looking for Adventure? Looking for Riches?
Why not have both?

Stan Grist is a professional prospector who has produced a series of book-titles on this amazing hobby. While it might be just a fun-filled hobby now, why not make it a highly profitable one? Once you know the ropes, you'll discover it's quite possible to make a comfortable living from prospecting and treasure hunting.

He offers you a way to escape the rat race and hit the road to adventure. His books provide all the training you need to turn your hobby into a profession. You can turn your family vacation getaway to a money-making pastime that earns you a life of freedom and enjoyment.

To get you started, I've listed two of his best selling books here, but you will find many more on his site by Clicking Here.

Ancient Deposits
Find Valuable Ancient
Alluvial Gold

This guide by Stan Grist covers a little-known but highly profitable subject of hidden, ancient river channels. From his own field investigations in the west coast regions from Alaska to Argentina, he discovered one of the better rich ancient alluvial deposits in Ecuador.

In this package, he shares the secrets that will lead you directly to the ancient gold. It includes 14 exclusive and rare reports that include large color topographical maps of the rich country of Northern California. He leads you to the exact locations of miles of ancient gold-bearing river channels.

Creating Wealth Through Adventure System with the Stan Grist System

If you love to travel and you enjoy studying history, you've found the person who can show you how to bring these together for an exciting adventurous life.

When Stan Grist first started prospecting decades ago, he often came back empty-handed. After a few discoveries and finding a small pouch of gold coins from the 1849 gold rush near Downieville, California, he was hooked. He now makes a good living from his gold prospecting and treasure hunting experiences. His income has enabled him to live comfortably in year-round tropical weather near the Ecuador jungle where he is only hours away from the Amazon rain forest and the Pacific Ocean - a place he calls "Explorers' Paradise".

Through this extensive experience, he learned the ins and outs of prospecting and treasure hunting. Now, he's produced a great program that will help shorten your learning curve significantly. His extensive web site details his own personal adventures and explorations which include discovering lost civilizations, diamonds, metal detecting and much more.

Here, you will find a virtual gold mine of top notch material on this exciting lifestyle.

In his Creating Wealth Through Adventure System, Stan Grist goes beyond showing you how to find the valuable items such as dinosaur bones, ancient coins and gold nuggets. He explains how to take those precious objects and sell them for top market value.

Stan also explains how to stake your claims, how to document your discoveries, how to market your ancient treasure, and much more.

 To learn more about Stan Grist's Creating Wealth Through Adventure with the Stan Grist System, click here.


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