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Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard is a software program that helps you to find content, organize that content and produce articles quickly.

The resulting articles can be used on your site, as promotions or for creating articles to submit to article directories and other web sites. There are other applications in which it would be helpful, too, like report papers, essays, thesis and more.

I purchased this program because I thought it would speed up my research, but as it happens, I am a writer who has a good research and article production method in place.

What I did learn from this software is that it will help anyone who:

  • can't write

  • doesn't like to write

  • doesn't have time to write

  • doesn't know how to do the research in preparation to article writing.

Here's how Instant Article Wizard works.

You simply type in keywords related to the article you want to write. The program scours the internet and gives you a series of topic sentences based on your keywords. In the left column, it will automatically create some sections for you. For instance, it will give you "introduction" and "conclusion", as well as any others that the program senses during its search.

You then have the capability to create new sections that you see fit.

From the right column, you select the sentences that are most relevant to your topic and "file" them in whatever section makes sense to you.

In the end, youíve got the makings of an article, ready for some minor editing.

Here's a sample search.

Let's say you want to write an article about gardening.

Type "gardening" or a phrase like, "gardening instructions" and hit submit. From this main category, you might want to break it down into smaller sections: "ground preparation", "plant selection", "fertilization", "pest control", and "winterizing your garden".

The sentences that appear in the right column can be moved into whichever section makes sense. During this stage, you will be able to see which URL each sentence was taken from. This gives you the source, so you can go there to get more information if you want.

When you have sorted and selected whichever sentences you want, you can switch views and see all the sections together in one article.

At this point, you simply copy the results into your word processor, like Microsoft Word or Notepad and rewrite each section. This is important, because you cannot use the sentences as you found them because of copyright laws.

The thing is, Instant Article Wizard does a lot of the legwork for you, which can be the most difficult part of any writing project, especially if you know nothing or little about the subject..

The Instant Article Wizard is fast, easy to use  and itís efficient. It creates a ready-made article that provides you with all the ideas you need to put the article together in your own words.

Itís very effective in that it not only finds relevant articles based on your keyword. It also gives you a link to the page where that resource was found.

One thing that I question is the speed in which you can create articles. It is suggested that you can create a useable article in 15-20 minutes. As a highly experienced writer, I found this to be something of an exaggeration.

It takes time to read through all the captured sentences, select and sort them, do any follow-ups by visiting the URLs, and then to rewrite the final result so the polished article is in your own words.

It realistically takes about 30 minutes to create a 500-700 word article ready to post online to get exposure for your business. Even so, this software is still a huge time saver.

Instant Article Wizard can be used for:

  • blog content

  • articles

  • essays

  • reports

  • ebooks

Having put this software through its paces, I can tell you that it will make an excellent addition to your resources. Itís especially beneficial if youíre just starting out.

And if youíre writing about topics you know nothing or little about, this is an excellent way to get the basic information so you know what to write about.

In my opinion, this piece of software deserves a rating of 

For anyone who is not a professional or an established writer, or who just wants to save time, I highly recommend this Instant Article Wizard software. Itís fast, efficient and simple to use.

Click Here to learn more about the Instant Article Wizard.


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