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Book Review


by Sylvia Dickens

"Secrets to Dog Training:
Dog Obedience Training
STOP Your Dog's Behavior Problems!"

Written by a professional dog trainer, this book will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy a full, healthy and fun life with your pet.

All my youth, I’ve had a dog. Always, they were well trained and obedient.

Then one day, our perfect record was broken when we got a more energetic dog. I’m convinced she probably had some sort of hyperactive disorder. My parents decided she was more than a handful and were quick to send her back to the breeder.

It’s true everyone wants an obedient dog. There’s that personal satisfaction you get when your dog responds correctly with a single command. Even better is coming home and not finding any undesirable surprises.

With a well-trained dog, your lives together are much more rewarding. You dog is happy, you're pleased and and you'll enjoy each other's company for a long time to come.

Besides, there's a certain sense of accomplishment knowing you've broken the barrier between human and animal, and developed a harmonious relationship.

There’s a more important reason to train your dog well. The right training could possibly save your dog's life.

All too often, owners don’t quite know how to achieve this lofty goal. They try what they think is right, or apply the dog training methods their parents used to train the family pet. When the dog doesn’t obey, they think it’s the dog’s fault. They decide it can’t be trained because that particular dog is not very smart or that it simply refuses to cooperate.

Dog Training Made Easy

You don't have to go through that stress and heartache. A professional dog trainer who understands the benefits of owning an obedient dog has packaged together everything you need to know. In his book, Sit Stay Fetch Dog Obedience Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems,Daniel Stevens guides you through the training process. He knows what makes dogs tick, and how to use that knowledge to successfully train them, quickly and effectively.

The training itself can provide both you and your dog with a fun experience. Dogs love to play catch, fetch things and in general, please their owners. In his book, demonstrates how to train your dog to do all these things, and more.

In Sit Stay Fetch Dog Obedience Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems, Daniel goes beyond generalizations and basic training exercises. He takes you step-by-step through your decision to get a dog, to choosing veterinary care, and breaking through the things that can hinder the training process.

A quick glance through the table of contents and you'll see that the exercises and techniques are divided into nine tutorials. With point and click capability, you can quickly identify where in the book you need to be. This is particularly helpful when you need to come back to a specific section.

Learn more about SitStayFetch...

Many dog training issues covered

I was impressed with the lengthy list of issues Daniel deals with in his book. He seems to have left nothing out. Among the topics covered are::

bullet Aggression
bullet Biting, mouthing and nipping
bullet Coprophagia (poop eating)
bullet Destructive behavior (chewing)
bullet Digging holes
bullet Disobedience
bullet Fear of the leash
bullet Fighting between dogs,
bullet Nuisance barking
bullet Off-leash problems
bullet Thieving
bullet Travel problems
bullet Having more than one dog in the house
bullet A death in the family
bullet Bad breath
bullet Cat chasing
bullet Flatulence
bullet Hot weather and heatstroke
bullet Jealousy
bullet Jumping on furniture and people
bullet Separation anxiety


He also discusses dog traits that can tell you a lot about your dog's condition, attitude, and state of mind.


Do you know what certain dog postures mean? Do you understand your pet’s facial expressions? Are you aware of a dog’s natural wolf instincts and how they influence behavior?

Daniel does an excellent job of clearly and concisely explaining characteristics like these. He believes that understanding your dog is the first step towards implementing an effective training program. By reading your dog's responses accurately, you are better able to adapt your methods to suit.

By the time you’ve read through the first 60 pages of the book, you will have a good understanding of Dog Ownership, Diet and Nutrition, Types of Dog Training, and Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language.

For problems such as aggression, biting, barking and thieving, he provides insightful explanations and options for overcoming them. You’ll learn through case studies exactly what the owners went through and what they did to cure their dogs’ behavior problems.

He also covers common situations that might require special training, such as accepting new family members, dependent behavior and separation anxiety.

Sit Stay Fetch Dog Obedience Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems, provides more than suggestions as many other dog training books do. Daniel gives specific explanations and successful training techniques that suit any dog's personality. Keep in mind that all dogs are different, if one technique doesn’t work, another one will. Daniel gives you several options that have proven effective for thousands of his readers.

After covering many important details of dog ownership, dog care and special situations, he gets down to teaching you the basic dog obedience commands:Train your puppy

- come
- sit-stay
- heel
- wait
- stand
- seek

To help you, he has included over 100 illustrative photographs so you can make sure you’re doing the commands correctly. This is unique to his book.

One feature I like is his summaries at the end of each section. This acts as a quick refresher regarding the progress your dog will be achieving at any given stage of the training program.

This book isn't full of just traditional dog training techniques. Daniel has kept up to date with current and evolving training methods.

Not long ago, an ancient method was re-introduced into the field of horse training called "horse whispering". It's based on body language and the animal’s natural tendencies towards socialization. Horses and dogs are social animals, which is why they tend to group together in the wild. Recently, it was discovered that dogs also respond well to this type of training.

Using this socialization trait as a training tool, Daniel shows how you can achieve satisfying results with this relatively new technique called, "dog whispering". Used by many trainers, it is referred to as the 'gentle' training method.

Whether you’re new to dog training or are having difficulty with your current methods, this book will put you on the right track. It’s comprehensive, covers all the relevant topics, and provides dog training that is guaranteed to work. This is definitely a must-have for any dog owner.

The 4 bonus mini e-books that come in this package add to the wealth of information already in the main training manual which, in itself, is over 150 pages. They include:

bullet “Dog Grooming Made Easy”
bullet “Tips On How To Security Train Your Dog”
bullet “All The House Training Methods And Tricks”
bullet “Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog”

I highly recommend this book to any fellow dog owner for training young pups and mature dogs - good dogs and those with difficult or persistent behavior problems.

Learn more about Secrets to Dog Training...


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