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Living Off The Grid


"We're using the grid in ways that it wasn't designed for, and the results can be cascading outages that cripple entire regions," said Jeff Dagle, PNNL chief electrical engineer and grid reliability expert. Science Daily


Are you tired of paying increasingly higher energy costs for a system that could crash at any moment? I know I am, but I found a solution.
Want to know what it is?


I found a way to save every month simply by switching to off the grid living. It's easier than you think... and much less expensive. In fact, I discovered that you can build a solar panel or wind generating system for your home for under $200.

Did you think it would cost over $1000 or more, like I did?

Prices have really come down since this technology was first introduced all those years ago. I remember my neighbor paying over $5,000 for his system back in '82 when it was fairly new.

Living off the grid sounds a little intimidating but it really isn't that hard when you know exactly what to do. It actually can be fun creating your own power generator.

And I found out that the benefits are enormous.

  • you have full control over your electricity costs

  • you can create your own electricity generating system quickly and easily

  • you can protect the nature and the environment

  • you stop being dependent on the grid, which is already reaching maximum usage

  • you no longer are at the mercy of power grid outages and burnouts

  • you save money in the long term with just a very small short-term investment of time, energy and a little bit of money

What's my secret?

In my search for an alternative to my high energy costs, I came across a guy named Bill Ford. He figured out how to build a solar panel and windmill to generate your own energy for as little as $100.

You can imagine how skeptical I was when I heard that, but then I got to see exactly what he was talking about. He showed me how a non-technie like me (and perhaps you) can build a system that guarantees your own low-cost energy... allowing you to take control and enjoy off the grid living.

I don't know about you, but I hate having someone else control my life, my expenses and the things I need to be happy and comfortable. That's why I was so happy to discover Bill Ford and what he offers in Home Made Energy.

You can pay someone $3,000 or DIY for $100

Today, it still costs around $3,000 to have a system created and installed by professionals, but you don't need to because Bill has put together a package that explains exactly how to build your own system, regardless of your background or experience.

Home Made Energy details all the steps you need to know to successfully build and set up your system, whether you choose solar energy or wind power.

One of the first things that concerned me was the electricity element, because as you know it can be dangerous. But he has experts telling you how to work with it safely and effectively. He tells you where you can gather together all the pieces you need, how to put them together, and how it all works to generate energy for you and your family.

The do-it-yourself products described in Home Made Energy will generate all the electricity you need with just a small investment to get you started.

Take It On The Road!

If you're an outdoors person who loves camping, RVing or picnicking, you can take your energy generator with you to fire up whatever you need, they are that portable... and portable energy means even more savings for you on the road.

By building your own system under Bill's expert guidance, you will save on your monthly electricity bill which can amount to $1000 or more annually, depending on your usage.

The Negatives

Home Made Energy, like all products, has its shortcomings, but none that I can see that should cause much concern. The biggest issue for me is that it is a digital book, which means you don't get anything shipped to your door (except any materials you purchase elsewhere to actually build your system). You will have to print out the manual to keep the instructions handy while you work.

But there are also positives to that.

For one, you can print just the parts you need for your chosen system.

Perhaps more important, Bill upgrades the manual on a regular basis. If this were a physical book, you would miss out on those upgrades, whereas with the online version you can readily grab the newest version.

Of course, the obvious benefit to this being a digital product is that you can access it immediately. You don't have to wait a week or three or six for the package to arrive at your door. You simply access the download page, download the product, and start reading... all in less than 5 minutes.

Off The Grid Living is growing by leaps and bounds

That's right. If you've read the news lately, you'll know that homes are being built with their own power generation systems. People who live out of town in isolated areas benefit greatly from the use of solar panels and wind mills.

Imagine the benefits if you own a cabin out in the bush or on a secluded lake.

Unless you've been living under a barrel, you probably are aware of the power outages and cutbacks that are becoming a regular occurrence. The news right now is that the current grid cannot handle the growth and demands that are being thrust upon it.

Operators expect that in the near future, it will become necessary to cut hydro to different sections of the grid on a rotation basis so that everyone can get the energy they need.

Personally, I'm glad I discovered this product. It's unacceptable that my furnace could be shut off in the middle of winter, I'd have to sit in the dark or eat cold food, or my frozen goods become tainted because the power went down.

In fact, it can be a bit frightening to think that you might not get heat one day (or air conditioning if you live in an extremely hot climate).


Off the grid living is the direction we all would be wise to examine because one day, we will no longer be able to rely on the grid. This product provides your own individual answer to the problem in a concise and easy to understand package.

Home Made Energy was written for the layperson, unlike many other guides that are full of jargon and hard-to-understand instructions that only an engineer can follow.

It's coming.


Hi, I'm Sylvia Dickens and I've lived through 3 major blackouts - one in the '70s I think it was, again in the 1990s, and the one that hit the eastern part of North America about 2001.


To be honest, it was great to experience that peace as air conditioners and blazing lights shut down. Being a nature lover, I enjoy that total serenity you can only find in the back country.


I figured, "It will be back on in an hour or so. It's never out longer than that".


But it didn't come back on. Not for over 13 hours!


I remember that feeling of helplessness. The food in my fridge was in jeopardy. If it hadn't been for my camp stove, I would not have been able to cook dinner that night or make tea and coffee. Television was out of the question, and so was reading by candlelight.


When night time fell, I was left sitting in the dark with little to do but sit quietly and enjoy the experience, or go to bed.


As the power failure continued, I became a little scared. What if it never came back on?


It became a very real threat. I live in a cold climate where you have to rely on your furnace, or at the very least a wood stove or fireplace, for heat for a good part of the year. Although this power blackout happened in August, I couldn't help thinking of the potential dangers to my very existence.


After all, I already got a good glimpse of what that would be like when the great Ice Storm hit this area in the 1990s.


It pulling down power lines and left millions of people once again without hydro. Fortunately, I had a wood stove to stay warm, but my old house wasn't very well insulated so I had to huddle around the stove. I couldn't go up to bed. I couldn't do much at all.


That's when I realized just how much we've come to rely on hydro, and how significantly our lives are affected when it turns off.


The power grid is reaching the breaking point. One day soon, you could see outages like this on a regular basis. Your electricity will become intermittent. You'll have to sit in the cold or heat until it comes back on. That's simply a fact.

If you'd rather not wait until that happens, you can take action now to ensure you have all the energy you need when you need it.


And if that isn't enough reason to get Home Made Energy, consider that by having your own solar panels or wind powered generator, you will be helping the environment and saving money every month.


Thanks to Home Made Energy, I will enable me to produce my own reliable energy for years to come.


Find out how to live off the grid with your own home made energy system.

Remember. You can save every month with off the grid living.


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