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Social Media Inspector

Social Media Inspector1Social Media Inspector is a nifty piece of amazingly software that I found to make social network marketing easy and fast.


It simplifies the whole process of getting back links from high ranking social sites. It does all the work, you post comments and in the blink of an eye, your site benefits from some quick back links.


Its simplicity of use makes Social Media Inspector a pleasure to use. Just when I began to think that social marketing was a pain in the butt, I found that it actually is fun to do with Social Media Inspector.


Here's how it works.


You enter a keyword related to your site or product and choose which social sites you want to search. You have three options: Squidoo, Hubpages, and Both. You can also set the number of results you want to see.


Choose whether to collect PR data and whether to do an exact match for your keyword.


After you hit "start inspection" the program will begin its magic. In mere minutes, it will bring back sites related to your topic. If you chose to include page rank, you'll be able to quickly go through the results to pick those with the highest rank.


Double click an entry and your browser will open the page where you can enter a comment. You will need to be a member of some sites before you can post, but that's simple to do. If you have your own Squidoo lens, you can send people to it from your Squidoo post and from there, to your external site.


At a glance you can see which sites you've placed comments. Simply activate the check in the Status column when you're done. You can also mark sites that you think are worth considering.


The efficiency of Social Media Inspector makes social marketing a snap!


Within a matter of minutes, you can find and post to five or more sites and have people swarming to your site from those high-ranking sites. The added bonus is that in a relatively short time, all the links you put on those social sites will boost your own site's page rank.


If you dread the work involved in social marketing, get the Social Media Inspector. I plan to use it extensively while promoting all of my sites. Social Media Inspector truly is a valuable time-saver.


Click Here to find out more about Social Media Inspector


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